The Killing' Day 9: 'Undertow'

Campaign wishes and hoop dreams.


Um, be careful what you wish for? A few weeks ago I whined about Stan's pacifistic warning to Bennet on the cold, rainy evening of Rosie's funeral. Last night Stan made up for it tenfold, beating the teacher senseless in a blind rage while Belko squealed like a rabid dog in the background and kicked and punched a boulder — something I found so freakin' crazy and weird, but couldn't quite pay attention to I was so fixated on Stan. See, I like Stan. He's a sensible, loving guy, who generally seems to do right by people (now that he's outta the mob, of course). But he's got a wife who's becoming increasingly nutso and a second mortgage, so he's feeling the pressure. To make matters worse, Bennet's looking increasingly not guilty. But Stan has no idea, and Mitch's efforts to call him go unanswered since, like the rest of us, he probably puts his phone on silent before a clandestine beatdown.

Yikes - this can't end well for anyone involved.