The Killing' Day 12: Beau Soleil



  • AMC TV
  • This is starting to get awkward, what with the hookers and murder and all.

"You've got mail!" MURDERER.

Had the rain been falling a little harder, or had Darren put on a little Tom Jones to enjoy with his Petrus Pomerol and newspaper endorsement, or had he simply not decided to forward his prostitute correspondance to his work e-mail, Linden may have never heard that cheery, incriminating ding.

At any other point in the series I'd probably have advised regarding this lead with skepticism, since the show has built an entire season out of dramatic false leads. But we've only got one episode left so let's run with it. I'm not convinced Richmond did it, but I finally have a pretty darn good theory (I think) about who did.

First, let's discuss Day 12.