The Televangelist: Entourage" Season 8 Ep. 1"

Ep. 1

Last night's season opener "Home Sweet Home" was about more than Vince returning from 90 days in rehab, more than saying goodbye to the Big House, but about "Entourage" returning to its roots. I had my misgivings about the show after a sloppy seventh season. But "Home Sweet Home" included all of the elements that has made "Entourage" great in the past: Vince is confident and looking to do another blockbuster, and the guys are coming back together instead of moving farther apart.Image

The men are without significant others at the moment (E and Sloan have broken up, yet again, and Turtle's girlfriend is "on a publicity tour," while Ari's marriage seems to be much more on the rocks than anyone suspected), and all living under one roof. The main four have expanded to six, with Ari taking shelter with them during the turmoil of his separation, and E's partner Scott joining in "because I don't want to feel left out."

?Scott is one of the best additions "Entourage" has made to the cast in a very long time. Yes, at first his adversarial role against E was grating, but last night Scott not only had some of the best lines but the best deliveries - and I would even go so far as to say he's becoming a comedic rival for Drama (though I doubt he will ever surpass him). The return of Billy Walsh has been a welcome sight as well. If you told me several seasons ago I would ever say that, I would have attacked you like Drama did with Turtle and the spray bottle. Billy's out of control behavior and smug "suits!" chorus was nearly unbearable, but his sober return as a positive and productive member of the group (who also gets tossed some of the best one-liners, see Musings and Miscellany below for an example) has been refreshing.