True Blood" Season 4 Ep. 8: Sookie goes to war"

Ep. 8: Sookie goes to war


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  • Despite the crazed eyes, Sookie is not high on V here

"Your blood is amazing."

"No, your blood is."

"Oh stop. Little ol' me? You're, like, the best blood of my life."

"Lets drink each other's blood forever!"

There will be blood snowy sex as Sookie and Eric finally consummate their amnesia-induced love for each other. After getting high off each other's blood, the two Aryan dream-boats have an Ecstasy-like shared sex fantasy in a wintry yet sunny wonderland. But it wasn't all love and love-making in Bon Temps. No, there's Antonia on the loose.

As we leave her last week, super sexy teen Jessica is about to meet the True Death under a spell cast by Antonia to walk into broad daylight. Jason hears of this and runs to her rescue just in the nick of time—it's amazing how everyone in Bon Temps is always just in the nick of time. He pushes her back inside and on the floor. But don't vampires have super-human strength? She could easily fling his body away, but the sexual tension, oh the tension. She's about to bite into him, slowly, mindlessly, when Antonia and the others stop chanting. "Oh my!" Jessica whispers as she realizes she's about to kill the one she loves. Jason tries to calm Jessica after her near-death experience: "Think about a hot summer day, barbecuing," he coos to her before realizing that the scenario would be deadly to her. After a drink from a "donor" offering Jess blood to heal, they later go back to the dungeon where she is re-silvered in case Antonia casts another spell.

Jess is over Hoyt. O-V-E-R. She goes back to the home they share where Hoyt begs Jessica to stay, but she only has Jason, Hoyt's best friend, on the mind. Hoyt pleads and says he can't live his life without Jessica. "Fine," Jessica says, and slams him head against the counter, instantly killing him. Oh wait—that was just a vampire dream! I don't think this fantasy was just for shock value, though. Jessica is a teenager, a sexy teen but a teen no less, and when you want to break up with someone, you do kind of just want to kill them in the face. Sure people have sex fantasy, but sometimes the most desirable fantasies are of people wanting you. In real life, though, it didn't go so well for Jessica. Hoyt and Jason both rescinded their house invitations after she confessed her true feelings to them. Sounds like Jessie Bessie will be in a vulnerable state for next week's episode.