The Televangelist: 'Entourage' Season 8, Episode 6

The stakes remain low, the piñatas high and the best thing to come out of this breezy episode was the suggestion of <i>90210: The Movie </i>.


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Saturday morning I went downtown to Meehan's to catch the Liverpool match, and ended up in a conversation about "Entourage" with two fans. I'm always curious how other people experience the shows I also watch, especially those I review. These guys, like many, said they used to watch the show fairly religiously, until about that lamented fifth season. And they didn't have, it would seem, much interest in picking up with it now. But as I started to explain where the characters were in their current narratives … there hadn't been much change. So for all my excitement over an episode like "One Last Shot" that seemed to take the show into deeper territory, it shouldn't surprise me that far more episodes in this final, truncated season were like last night's, where the stakes remain low, the piñatas high and the best thing to come out of this breezy (with one exception) episode was the suggestion of 90210: The Movie ("Would you go see it?" "Definitely!").

Still, I came away from last night's episode hoping (needing) to find some kind of thematic message, something that would come together in a way that would catapult the final two episodes of the series into a real event (it's the end of a series, after all, and a long-running one at that). The best I can offer (bear with me, here) was noticing a quiet movement away from Vince. E tells him he doesn't need to put in a call to Les Moonves, Turtle denies his money (though finds other investors), and even Drama sets out on his own to pursue, as Lloyd says, "the best career opportunity in the last two decades." I'll admit that last one is a bit of a stretch - after all, the movie Drama is poised to star in came from Vince. Additionally, we had a useless few scenes where Drama was in potential danger of losing everything to continue his strike on behalf of Andrew Dice Clay (who makes me feel like I have that rage disease from 28 Days Later) … but after a surprisingly hilarious monologue from Phil, everything is not only back on track but better than ever.