True Blood' season 4 finale

Fairy with a shotgun


  • John P. Johnson
  • I'm sorry Bill ... I can't. Especially with you in that bathrobe, wearing that pinky ring.

Up until about the last two minutes of "True Blood's" season 4 finale, I thought maybe Alan Ball had mixed up his last two episodes and played the actual finale last week, and the penultimate episode last night. Episode 11 saw a showdown between the vampires and Marnie, including Eric ripping the beating heart out of Mantonia's redneck sidekick and slurping warm blood from its severed aorta, and Jesus channeling his demon-faced brujo magic to rip Antonia's spirit from Marnie's corporal bond. At the episode's end, Marine lay vanquished, a bullet between her eyes, until WHOOSH!, into Lafayette's gullet she went.

What a creepy-eyed way to finish season 4 that would have been, with Marnie making herself at home inside Lafayette. The parting moment would have subtly reinforced the notion that death is simply another way of life, at least in Bon Temps, and the America in which Bon Temps exists. It's one of the central ideas around which season 4, and by extension the entire series, has been constructed, to varying degrees of success.

Instead, Marnie's storyline gets dragged out to a predictable but sufficient end. And then we still have half the episode to go. So ... what now?

Well, it's Halloween. In Bon Temps. Where actually everyday is like the scariest version of Halloween you don't even want to imagine, but they all get dressed up like zombies and teen moms to celebrate anyway. And then everyone dies.