The Televangelist: 'Sons of Anarchy' Season 4, Ep. 3

Remember, kids: never play pick-up basketball when you should be guarding an unsecured weapons cache!


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"Sons of Anarchy" is nothing if not an educational show. The title this week, "Dorylus," is another name for driver ants, also known as flesh-eating ants (also the reason I will never, ever, decide to eat dinner while watching this show ever again), and aside from a very graphic depiction of these hungry little guys at work, the name also evokes the slow erosion of SAMCRO. Last night focused almost exclusively on the club members and their politics (excluding, for the most part, too much on the Federal case front or the Fierce Women's Club, although they did have their moment), and ended with a very telling vote. Despite a lot of late campaigning, including Clay promising Bobby the keys to the kingdom - against Jax's wishes, by the way - the voters stuck to party lines. Clay, Tig, Jax, Opie, The New Guy Miles and Kozik versus Bobby, Piney, Juice, Happy and Chibs. I'll admit that the split surprised me. Jax thought that they would have Chibs, Happy and Juice, and expected Kozik and Opie to go the other way. But in the end it seemed less about the coke and more about loyalties. Tig, though hurt by Clay's exclusion, stuck by him, while Bobby, the secret heir, stood his ground. Juice voted against the drug running, and I have to suspect it's because he knows now that the law is looking very closely at the club.

?One thing that really pleased me with "Dorylus" was the screen time given to members of the club other than Clay, Jax and Opie. We learn that Miles and Kozik are possibly living with Happy, or at least crashing there for awhile. And remember, kids: you should never play a game of pick-up basketball when you should be guarding an unsecured weapons cache that you owe to a major cartel!