Dexter’ Season 6, Ep. 2

Dexter may be back on track! Enjoy it while you can.


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  • “You don’t remember. Dexter: your whole planet has been destroyed.”

I’m probably going to regret saying this, but it looks like, ladies and gentlemen, good old Dexter is back. Though last week’s premiere was kind of busy and largely payoff-free (Who did he kill again? Some guy at his high school reunion?), it’s easy to see now that the stage was being set for a leaner, meaner Dexter that might turn out as fresh and ferocious as season one.

At the very least, it’s on track to clean up a number of messes left over from last year.

Reviewing last week’s Dexter in highlights, it’s pretty clear there were not very many highlights to choose from. The sight-gags (intestines on a scale, snakelettes crawling out a dead guy) were great, but everything else was work: Dexter looks at pre-schools, Dexter wonders about God, Quinn luvs Deb, Laguerta schemes a promotion. Understandably, not one shot from Dexter’s high school reunion makes the “previously on” reel.

This week: the payoff! Guest-starring Mos Def!