A Critic’s Notebook: Laurent Grasso at SCAD

A falcon’s flight


  • Courtesy Laurent Grasso/SCAD
  • EAGLE-EYE: A still from the 2009 video “On Air” by Paris-based artist Laurent Grasso, currently on exhibit at SCAD’s Trois Gallery.

The installation of works by Paris-based artist Laurent Grasso, currently at SCAD-Atlanta’s Trois Gallery through January 3, centers on a large projection of high-definition video of a falcon fitted with a camera flying over remote and desolate sites in the United Arab Emirates. It would be easy for a visitor to miss the works behind the projection screen: the space back there is almost like a secret room, a discovery. A neon sign on one wall reads, in Arabic, “The wider the vision, the narrower the statement,” a quote from early Sufi writer Al Niffari. With that idea in mind, I’ll not elaborate any further other than to say the exhibit is well worth a stop if you’re up that way.