A Critic’s Notebook: Terminus” opens”

An immersive Civil War experience at the Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve

Terminus, the new production from Atlanta-based theater company Saiah, opens today at the Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve in Decatur. The work is an immersive theatrical experience set during the Civil War that allows viewers to choose one of three paths through the story.

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Saiah is the company behind 2012’s Rua | Wülf at the Goat Farm Arts Center which Creative Loafing viewers voted Best Play in the annual Best of Atlanta issue, and Saiah also created 2013’s Moby-Dick at the Lifecycle Building Center, which both Creative Loafing readers and critics selected as Best Play in 2013.

The folks at Saiah have long worked at making immersive theater that appeals to multiple senses: sight, sound, touch, even smell. But for the first time, they’re working on integrating taste into the experience. Check out this Bang!Arts Q&A with Taria Camerino of the Sugar-Coated Radical about creating a culinary experience to reflect the plot of Terminus.

And for more information or tickets to Terminus, visit Saiah’s website.