A few questions with Fahamu Pecou

Fahamu Pecou is an Atlanta-based artist with international acclaim. In 2009 alone, he has shown the solo exhibitions Coming From Where I’m From in Cape Town, South Africa, Black Presidential in Basel, Switzerland and New York City, and now Whirl Trade at Atlanta’s Get This Gallery. This latest exhibition of paintings “addresses the impressions, interpretations and misconceptions of blackness that African descended communities perform for each other.”

Performance is an integral part of Pecou’s work. He has developed characters like “Fahamou Pecou is the Shit” and videos that toy with the notions of image and celebrity that run throughout the paintings.

Fahamu was kind enough to answer a few of our questions about his time spent in South Africa and the process he uses to create these massive, magazine-styled paintings.

His answers and more images from Whirl Trade after the jump.