Falcons boss says new stadium will be a 'win-win,' uses other business jargon

The PR campaign to convince area plebians to subsidize a new stadium for the Atlanta Falcons kicked off this weekend with... a fencing match between Arthur Blank and Jeff Foxworthy! No, it was an op-ed in the AJC by team CEO and President Rich McKay touting the benefits of the proposed arena. (Look forward to more-than-usual bits on local TV news about Falcons players helping charities, team-related foundations contributing to local causes, a humorous shaving how-to with Falcons owner Arthur Blank, etc.)

In the piece, McKay said the new stadium will help "enhance the perception of the state, region and city, help drive economic development, and cement our franchise's stability well beyond its current ownership." The sports franchise is prepared to put some "substantial" skin in the game, he says, and will handle construction, capital and operating costs. The we-might-win-a-Major-League-Soccer-team-if-we-build-a-stadium bait was used. He also managed to drop bits of bizspeak that made our inner deputy associate vice president of logistics swoon:

"public-private partnership"
"create a win-win scenario"
"ability to remain competitive"
"seek to positively impact the surrounding community with our time, our talent and our other resources"

First things first: let's get our ducks in a row and agree to give this 110 percent. The time is now to find dynamic solutions that will leverage the potential of we, the change agents, who are eager to catapult Atlanta to that next level. Move forward. That sound you just heard? That was the city seizing the future. Go Dawgs. (throws down mic, walks off stage)

Oh, and the AJC gave the stadium proposal a milquetoast endorsement, provided that state officials only agree to help finance the stadium with revenue from the city's hotel/motel tax.

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