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2007 A3C Independent Hip-Hop Festival

Notes on the upcoming festival.

2007 A3C Souls Of Mischief
Photo credit: Courtesy A3C
Souls of Michief

Got this text minutes ago from the guys at Arc The Finger, one of Atlanta's more successful indie hip-hop labels:

"Tickets are now on sale for the A3C Hip-Hop festival! 3 nights, 27 performances, next-level ish. April 12-14 @ The Loft."

Wanna win a chance to go to the festival for free, and get a preview of what it'll be like? Go to the Earl this Thursday, March 15, when hip-hop record and goods store Dumpsterdive hosts an A3C preview.

$7. Doors at 9:30 p.m. Florida's Sol.Illaquists of Sound headlines.

More on the A3C Festival ...

$15 per night, $32 for a weekend pass. It's an all-ages event, so make sure to bring your ID if you want to partake in the Loft's strong but pricey drinks.

The event is hosted all three nights by Atlanta's own Dres Tha Beatnik, and some of the more notable acts on the subject-to-change bill include ’90s West Coast favorites Souls of Mischief, Intellekt, the Strange Fruit Project, Binkis Recs, Psyche Origami and Sol.Illaquists of Sound.

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