Perdue to make transportation announcement” tomorrow”

The AJC is reporting Gov. Sonny Perdue will make an announcement about transportation tomorrow that may hint at support for commuter rail.

If that’s the case, look toward the sky — porcine creatures, propelled by their methane and guided by those cute little tails, will be soaring gracefully alongside jet-fuel gobblin’ Delta planes.

From the AJC:

In vague outlines to the board, the governor expressed support for commuter rail and for considering funding options such as privately-built toll roads.

The governor said he supports measures to increase spending for transportation. Two measures — restoring a portion of the gas tax that now goes to the general fund and returning some bond debt service to general fund — could produce as much as $400 million a year, DOT officials said.

UPDATE: This baby’s got a name! IT3 — Investing In Tomorrow’s Transportation Today.