Preview: Paper Twins’ Beltline project behind MINT Gallery

The mysterious street art duo, Paper Twins, have unveiled some pictures of their Beltline project, The Wanderers on Flickr. The pieces continue in their figurative wheatpaste style while developing their sculptural, installation ambitions to a new level.

The work is a fitting tribute to hobo culture, referencing recognizable icons like Woody Guthrie and graffiti legend Bozo Texino along with more contemporary allusions, like Tod Seelie’s photography. As graffiti works like this piece by Born are being painted over to make room for tile mosaics and other projects, it’s nice to the Paper Twins celebrating the rich culture of railroads, rather than covering it up.

Because the work is outdoors, you could visit anytime, but MINT Gallery (adjacent to the installation) is hosting a daytime party on Sun., June 6 for Cheap Paper’s Solid Gold show inside the gallery and Paper Twins outside.