"24:" 5-6 a.m.: The Jack Attack Resurrected

So, now that it is official that “24” will be airing it’s final episode on May 24 it seems appropriate that we take the week before Easter to ask all dedicated “24” viewers to respond with their favorite Jack resurrection moments and how you think they are finally going to kill off our favorite force of destruction in the end.

Anyways, “Good morning, President Taylor! So nice of you to join us again.” Now that she has had her beauty rest, President Taylor has decided to grace us with her presence after three episodes, and just in time for her to have terrorist, Samir whisper sweet nothings in her speaker phone about wanting President Hassan in exchange for not destroying 40 square blocks of Manhattan with his nuclear rods. What followed next was President Taylor giving her very own rendition of the Team America theme song: “America! Fuck yeah!” Oh, and “Bring me Jack Bauer.” Taylor knows what’s up. Who other than Jack would be capable of bringing Hassan to the safety of Jersey Shore?

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