Preview: Not Biodegradable at Whitespace

We recently hung out with curator LA-based plastic artist Leslie Kneisel and got a sneak peak of <i>Not Biodegradable</i> at Whitespace

Image In Atlanta, there has been a great deal of emphasis in the last few years on supporting local artists. In fact, some galleries are pretty exclusive in their policy of showing only Atlanta- or Georgia-based work. We have a few theories as to why this is—maybe it's a result of Atlanta historically having a feeling of cultural inferiority, or immaturity, compared to other cities, making galleries and artists want to focus on bolstering their own scene, their own work. Whatever it is, there's certainly nothing wrong with reppin' your hometown folks.

The downside to this is that artistic isolationism can sometimes lead to creative stagnation in an art scene, and a sense of complacency that can occur when people aren't being challenged. I'm not saying that's happening in Atlanta (I'm also not not saying it) but perhaps a more steady and warmly-welcomed supply of non-local artists would be good for the artists here. Different environments, differing takes on the same issues, new ideas—these are good things. Whatever, you guys know this. But this is why shows like Not Biodegradable, opening at Whitespace on August 6, are fresh reminders that there is still art happening outside Georgia.