Marcia Wood PULLs her artists in different directions

Summer printmaking workshop with Timothy McDowell results in interesting collaboration


  • Courtesy Marcia Wood Gallery
  • “Arcadian Troubles” by Timothy McDowell

“Printmaking camp” is what artist Joanne Mattera called the experience on her blog. This past summer, Atlanta gallerist Marcia Wood invited six of her most seasoned painters she shows to participate in a weeklong printmaking workshop last June at Connecticut College under the guidance of master printer Timothy McDowell. Each created an intaglio print as part of a limited edition portfolio titled PULL, on view at the Marcia Wood Gallery through Nov. 6 along with paintings by the artists in the neighboring annex space.

The project came out of a conversation between Wood and McDowell about how artists could remain viable in a recessionary economy. Wood pursued the idea because she came to see it “as an exciting project to do with artists that would be stimulating creatively and a way to open doors to new ideas and connections for the artists as well as the gallery.”