AJC called out for ignoring Pride in print

The largest gay pride event in the Southeast "somehow got overlooked" in the print version of the <i>AJC</i>.

Image "Oops! We forgot."

That seemed to be the AJC's semi-official explanation when a reader asked why the daily newspaper had included no coverage of the 40th anniversary Atlanta Pride Festival — the largest LGTB event in the Southeast, boasting the city's biggest annual parade.

“We were there and even shot a lot of photos, which ran online. Unfortunately, the coverage somehow got overlooked in print. Sorry,” explained AJC Public Editor Shawn McIntosh in an e-mail exchange with outraged reader Mike Canfield, who then contacted GA Voice.

How does the city's daily newspaper "overlook" the biggest, most-publicized and certainly most fabulous event going on in what the Advocate has famously dubbed "the gayest city in America?"

Hmm, perhaps it's part of the AJC's strategy to appeal more to the northern suburbs, because we know no one up there is gay.

In the meantime, you can relive the Pride parade in an exhaustive online gallery posted by GA Voice.