Ga. congressman: High-speed rail between Atlanta and Chattanooga? Let’s wait a bit.

Reel in spending first, says Tom Graves

The Republican from Ranger, Ga., says he and his colleagues need to first trim about $100 billion or so from the federal government’s budget before we talk about those long overdue infrastructure projects. Via the Chattanooga Times-Free Press:

North Georgia Congressman Tom Graves says there are many “worthy projects” out there, but all of them — including high-speed rail lines from Atlanta to Chattanooga — must go on the back burner until legislators reel in spending.

“If we’re going to get this nation back on track in a fiscally responsible manner, then we’ve got to stop spending and then begin cutting and reducing the current spending levels,” said Graves, R-Ga., in a phone interview.

That sound you just heard was transit advocates’ heads hitting their desks.