Worst thing ever gets worse for 4-year-old Alpharetta boy

Back in August, we told you about the worst thing ever happening to a 4-year-old Alpharetta boy.

In case you're averse to clicking hyperlinks, let me just g'head and tell you what happened in a decidedly indelicate manner: he ate a used condom he found in the Atlanta hotel room in which his family was staying. And he also developed sores in his mouth after the fact.

It only gets worse.

According to a press release distributed by the boy's attorney, Thomas F. Jones of Jones & Associates, it's been confirmed that he contracted herpes. If that wasn't bad enough, listen to this:
The incident has also taken a heavy toll on the mental and emotional health of the boy’s grandmother, Carmen Jones of Alpharetta, and her family. Some friends and relatives now avoid visiting the boy because of fears about his condition. The family will require counseling for some time to attempt to heal the mental and emotional scars that this incident has caused

It's herpes, not leprosy, horrible friends and relatives.

The boy's family has filed a lawsuit — duh — against Wyndham Hotels and, specifically, the downtown Atlanta Wyndham seeking a jury trial and damages. Said Jones, “The hotel clearly breached its duty to provide safe accommodations. Those responsible for endangering this child’s health must be held accountable."

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