Facebook to open office on the Westside. Or is it West Midtown?

Open thread time!

Caleb Spivak has a delightful article about Facebook’s plans to open a new office in the Brickworks complex near the intersection of Marietta Street and Howell Mill Road.

Rather than wondering if Mark Zuckerberg would drop by Sid Mashburn in the nearby Westside Urban Market to switch up his wardrobe, commenters instead argued over whether that part of Atlanta should be called “the Westside” or “West Midtown.” (I’m a fan of the former. The area doesn’t have to play off Midtown’s prestige — it has enough going for it. Besides, the two neighborhoods are separated by a 452-lane interstate. Someone’s even tried to tackle this very important topic on Wikipedia.)

Feel free to tell me why I’m wrong, warn the world about the long-term impacts of Farmville, or jabber about whatever else your heart desires. We have coffee mugs to fill and sources to call while we await the state’s official report into the Atlanta schools cheating scandal, which is expected to be released today. Heather Vogell and Alan Judd spoke with some unnamed officials who say it’s not going to be pretty.