Dragon*Con’s new policy: Buy a ticket or you’re not allowed inside

Event organizers say policy helps provide comfort and safety for guests


Bad news for folks who planned to drop by Dragon*Con this weekend to snap photos with stormtroopers. The rumors of a new crackdown on gawkers and uninvited guests at the annual sci-fi fest — which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary — seem to be true.

Dan Carrol, Dragon*Con’s media director, says access to the event hotels will be limited to guests and paid attendees, or “members.” “The hotels will be checking for Dragon*Con badges or hotel key cards,” says Dan Carrol, the event’s media director. Kenny Wright, convention coordinator at the Hyatt Regency, confirms: “Normally you could go through the hotel, but not the actual event,” he said. “But for this year, you can’t go on hotel property throughout the whole event,” daytime included.

But some event organizers said access would only be limited during “evening” hours. According to Brenda Tackett of the Dragon*Con gaming division, people without an official badge, pass, or hotel key will not be allowed inside the event hotels past “evening hours.” A media relations email echoes this view: “The hotels will be enforcing badge policy in the evenings. No one will be allowed into hotels without a hotel key or a Dragon*Con badge. Thank you for your cooperation.”