Speakeasy with Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla speaks to Noah Gardenswartz leading up to his Atlanta performance this Friday at the Tabernacle.

Image Adam Carolla has made quite a career for himself in stand-up, radio, and television, as the comedic voice of the working man. This Friday he will be bringing his intelligent, unfiltered mix of observations, rants and story-telling to the Tabernacle.

You’ve been on hit television shows, written a best-selling book, currently host the most downloaded podcast on the internet, "The Adam Carolla Show," and run ACE Broadcasting. Why are you still touring the country doing stand-up?
Mostly for the money, but it’s actually nice playing the theaters. Doing two to three shows a night, or six to seven shows a weekend at Rooster T. Feathers comedy club is not exciting at this point, but coming out, playing a nice theatre and doing one show is pretty nice.

Do you still get a rush when you hit the stage to do live stand-up, or are you so used to talking and putting out comedic content from the podcast that it’s not a big deal anymore?
I don’t get a rush anymore. The rush is a double edged-sword; it has a good side and a bad side. It’s a lot like a relationship you know, in the beginning you’re having all those feelings, and there’s extreme highs and lows, but then you get to a point where you just settle in. You don’t live and die by every performance, you just know you’re supposed to go in and do a good job. So now I’m not ringing my hands with worry hours before a show, or flying home so happy saying I killed it. I can remember being more nervous auditioning for Party Pals to get paid $60 to dress up like a clown then I am now stepping on stage in front of 2,000 people.

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