A Wulf at the Goat Farm

<i>Rua|Wülf</i> director Marium Khalid discusses her take on the classic <i>Little Red Riding Hood</i>


  • The Goat Farm/ SAÏAH
  • Rua|Wülf is a redenition of the classic Little Red Riding Hood tale.

The Goat Farm, a sanctuary of sorts for the Atlanta art community, will be the backdrop for a new take on the classic fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood.

Titled Rua|Wülf, the project is the creation of the young Atlanta theatrical organization SAÏAH. Like many of the performances that take place as the gothic industrial compound, the production will migrate around the Goat Farm’s 12 acres as the story unfolds, immersing the audience in Rua’s (Little Red Riding Hood) journey to her grandmother’s house. Rua|Wülf’s director, Marium Khalid, discusses the play’s larger themes about decisions and how the consequences of choices can affect future generations.

What makes the Goat Farm good setting for your production?
When you walk through the gates of the Goat Farm Arts Center, the first realization that hits you is how does this place exists in the middle of the city? Every inch of this place is soaked in history; rustic yet, a beautiful Victorian-esque sight. It seems like a story yet to be revealed. When we began the process of Rua | Wulf we simply opened that book and invited everyone to share the journey with us.