Preview: Allyson Cummings at Young Blood

Cummings' 'Scoutabout: Abstracted Landscapes & Botanicals' opens Saturday at Young Blood during the Ponce Crush Art Stroll


  • Allyson Cummings
  • "Islamorada"

A scavenger hunt in a Florida wildlife preserve with her two sons inspired Allyson Cummings' new series of paintings Scoutabout, opening at Young Blood Gallery Saturday. A former commercial graphic designer, Cummings now paints botanical abstractions from a home studio she shares with her kids, who are 4 and 6 years old. “There’s not a big separation between home life and studio time for me. The two are very intertwined,” Cummings said in a press release. "I sometimes let my boys draw and paint on my canvases as I am working."

Bold move. I have two nephews, 6 and 8, and besides being adorable, all they do is scream about Star Wars and karate chop each other.

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