First-ever Atlanta Korean Film Festival kicks off this Friday

New Korean cinema event offers drama, animation, action, horror, history, and comedy


Korean cinema has truly blossomed in the past ten years, but it’s a renaissance that may not be readily apparent to the average Atlanta movie buff. Outside of the screening of the occasional breakout hit like the 2006 monster movie The Host, it’s difficult for Atlanta cinema-goers to get a comprehensive look at the new Korean cinema, which is spread across a broad range of genres and styles.

Atlanta is therefore in for a real treat when the first ever Atlanta Korean Film Festival opens this Friday, October 5. The 8-day event presents the latest and greatest in contemporary Korean cinema from drama and horror to comedy and animation, with screenings taking place at various venues including Landmark Midtown Art Cinema, the Rialto Center for the Arts, Lefont Sandy Springs, and Carmike Cinemas 12 in Athens.