Fuqua’s proposed Glenwood Park development faces NPU-W opposition

NPU-W says proposal fails to adhere to zoning restrictions and other existing limitations imposed by the Beltline

A few weeks after Atlanta developer Jeff Fuqua faced a huge setback with his Buckhead proposal, it appears that his Glenwood Park project is now facing its own set of difficulties.

Neighborhood Planning Unit-W Chairman Edward Gilgor has sent out a letter to NPUs across the city, stating that Fuqua’s Glenwood Park proposal doesn’t fully consider the adjacent Beltline’s master plan to the extent that it should — as it fails to adhere to zoning restrictions and other existing limitations.

“This kind of aggressive ignorance is indicative not of an enlightened view of new urbanism, but rather a rather common and pervasive view of old-style suburbanism,” Gilgor says in his letter.

When CL spoke to Fuqua last month about the development, he said he was willing to build roughly 1,500 to 1,800 feet of the Beltline’s multi-purpose bike trail, which would possibly snake onto the development’s property.