An open letter from Paul Luna to Mayor Kasim Reed

LUNA 2013: 'Not Just Another Dumb Motherfucker.'

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  • LUNA 2013: "Not Just Another Dumb Motherfucker."

In case you missed it, chef Paul Luna intends to run for mayor in November's election. An open letter from Luna to Mayor Reed and Atlanta City Council members arrived in my inbox this morning:

Dear Mayor Reed,

I write to you openly, first, as a citizen of Atlanta and also as a concerned human being. As you know, I have an interest in being the next Mayor of the City of Atlanta. As a person, I have nothing but love for you - you are a man, like me. What I dislike is your political mind and agenda.

As Mayor of Atlanta, I will be committed to building up transparency in the city. Sound familiar? Maybe because it was part of your platform nearly four years ago. To me, transparency means that resources and information are available for every one individual to access without prejudice, judgment or difficulty. The resources and information are clear - -without self-interest, greed, ambition or power. For my part, my self interest as Mayor of Atlanta is to cook, lead and serve the people of Atlanta.

As Mayor of Atlanta, I want to be known around the world for recognizing and highlighting the love that makes Atlanta.

The world came to Atlanta - -for its love. We have great leaders in Atlanta, Georgia. Martin Luther King Jr., Jimmy Carter, Mtamanika Youngblood, and John Lewis, to name a few. These great minds contributed to the beauty that we are the creation of one. That together, through creative thinking, the world is a beautiful place. That hate has nothing to do with humanity - only love.

That being said, I am publicly requesting every City Councilmember to work with me in creating a new vision for Atlanta. One not based on a "city too busy to hate".