ATLwood: Don Draper dines in Midtown

Jon Hamm and John Stamos are friends. Attractive people being attractive.



- Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, here filming Million Dollar Arm (more info on that below), joined a fellow John (Stamos, who is filming “Necessary Roughness”) and other friends at the the W Midtown’s Living Room on Saturday night.

- Michael Keaton, who is also staring in Million Dollar Arm, tucked in at Davio’s on Wednesday night with some snapper, angel hair pasta, and a glass of red wine.

- Tipster @sherial spotted “Happy Ending’s” ‪Damon Wayans, Jr.‬ and “New Girl’s” J‪ake Johnson‬ “having a ball” Saturday night at the ‪Clermont Lounge. (Trivia: Damon Wayans Jr. is actually in the pilot episode of “New Girl,” and was replaced when “Happy Endings” was picked up for another season. Oh those halcyon days ... )‬.

- Not exactly a sighting, but still interesting: Georgia Tech students and employees share their experiences working with and around The Internship, starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, which turned parts of the campus into Google for filming last year.

Filming Updates

- Million Dollar Arm is still filming on Brook Forest Drive off of LaVista, but took a break to shoot some scenes at Georgia Tech this week, turning the baseball field into “DeDeaux Field.” Some filming has also reportedly been taking place at the Gwinnett Braves Stadium, but no confirmation it’s this movie yet.

- Michael Bay’s Almanac filmed at Drew High School in Riverdale on Monday. The production has also been spotted in Midtown under the signage “C1.”