Roll Yer Own’ animation festival showcases local talent

ASIFA-Atlanta’s 2013 selections for Roll Yer Own, the 11th annual independent animation festival showcased local animation talent


On Monday, July 15, ASIFA Atlanta (the Atlanta chapter of the Associaion Internaionale du Film d’Animation) showcased a broad cross-section of works from up-and-coming local filmmakers and animators, illustrating that animation will remain a vibrant form in Atlanta for years to come. Most notable about the the line-up was the quality and quantity of work from female talent in a traditionally male dominated field.

The show began with One Minute Fluidtoons Five, by former ASIFA-Atlanta president Brett W. Thompson. This installment of his occasional series wrings the most from its abstract minimalist marker on paper Keith Herring by way of R. Crumb figures as they transform, morph and dissolve into one another like a hallucinatory orgy.

Harriet-Lane Ngo’s Olive, by contrast, feels like the childrens’ book come to life. This SCAD project features richly rendered forest backgrounds, handcrafted from ink and paint, upon which a little girl encounters an enchanted tree in a mysterious forrest.


  • Courtesy ASIFA-Atlanta
  • Strange Wonderful by Stephanie Swart

Strange Wonderful by RISD’s Stephanie Swart defies simple description, but that won’t stop me from trying...