#Clusterfest: Show us your pics

We want to see your pictures from this weekend's Clusterfest events


This weekend is your chance to really freak out, Atlanta! From the Decatur Book Festival to college football at the Dome to Dragon Con to NASCAR - the possibilities are endless, and we want to see your pictures documenting the madness. If you plan to festival hop from the John Lewis keynote at the Decatur Book Festival on Friday night to the Dragon Con parade Saturday morning to Drive Invasion on Sunday - we want to see your pictures! Even if you plan to just hit up one of the dozens of events taking place this weekend, send us your pics to photos at creativeloafing.com to be posted in our Clusterfest gallery.

Also, be sure to tag your tweet, Instagram photos, and Facebook updates with #Clusterfest so we can follow along. The Creative Loafing staff will be out and about reporting on the madness this weekend with #Clusterfest, too.

If you're new to Atlanta and need help navigating the weekend, or even if this isn't your first Clusterfest rodeo, check out our handy guide to the Labor Day Weekend madness online and on your phone.