Criminal Records, Indie Craft Experience among well-known names picked for pop-up shops along streetcar route

Central Atlanta Progress says streetcar delay won’t affect retail project either


  • Atlanta Streetcar
  • Central Atlanta Progress officials say transit line’s delay won’t affect pop-up retail

Plans for temporary “pop-up” businesses along the new Atlanta Streetcar route have attracted more than 100 applicants and some big names eager to compete for space along the transit line. CL has the list of 17 businesses popping up this spring and summer in Downtown - and more may be coming.

“We got a hundred applications for businesses who wanted to be Downtown,” says Kristi Rooks, senior project manager at Central Atlanta Progress, organizer of the pop-up program. “For us, that was super-cool,”

Criminal Records from Little Five Points and Nandina Design and City Issue from Inman Park are among the local businesses that will expand into streetcar-route pop-ups. The long-running Indie Craft Experience will have a space as well. Bucketfeet, a popular artist-designed shoe company, will make Downtown its third pop-up store location. Its other two are in New York City and Chicago. Disclosure: CL’s marketing department helped curate the list. Staff Writer Rodney Carmichael also provided suggestions.

The list also includes bike tours, a photo gallery and food for people and pets alike.

The streetcar’s delayed debut - now said to be coming in the summer rather than April or May - is no problem for the pop-up program, Rooks says. That’s because the overwhelming application demand forced CAP’s small staff to delay the pop-ups, too.

“The delay in the streetcar and the delay in this program will line up,” says Rooks.

She expects pop-ups to have “rolling openings” starting in May. CAP is aiming for a June 7 grand opening event, when all the pop-ups should be up and running.

Pop-ups are temporary, grant-subsidized businesses occupying vacant storefronts. Pop-up locations are often in flux because a permanent tenant could sign up for a property at any time. CAP currently has pop-up spaces secured for the 17 businesses on its list, but isn’t releasing addresses because they could change before opening. Likewise, CAP might find storefronts for even more pop-ups.

“As space becomes available... we are going to continue to try to place people,” Rooks said.

The list, as it stands right now, is after the jump.

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* Brixtix Bakery for Dogs (pet treats)
* Bucketfeet (shoes)
* The Byrd’s Box (apparel/home goods)
* City Issue (vintage home furnishings)
* Civil Bikes (bicycle tours/events)
* CONNECTiONS (smartphones/tablets)
* Criminal Records (music/comics/gifts)
* Fresh.i.Am (streetwear)
* The Indie Craft Experience (craft market)
* Just Add Honey Tea Company
* Modern Tribe (Jewish gifts/Judaica)
* Nandina Home and Design (interior design firm/home furnishings retail store)
* Perennial Coffee and Lola Belle Doughnuts
* Plywood People (“social innovation” nonprofit)
* Rob Simmons Gallery (photography)
* Sock Fancy (socks and other underclothes)