Your handy guide to the journalists that Mayor Kasim Reed has blocked on Twitter


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Every now and then, Mayor Kasim Reed doesn't like what an Atlanta journalist tweets. He hasn't been pleased for various reasons, including when: a columnist publishes a critical editorial, a reporter provides live updates in a heated public meeting, or a writer shares his or her opinion in an 140-character message.

In many of these instances, Reed has employed one of his favorite tactics: the Kasim Twitter Block (also known as the "KTB" or "#KTB" for short). It has become a growing trend among Atlanta's newshounds. Those have included:

AJC City Hall reporter Katie Leslie has been placed in social media timeout since Atlanta's major snowstorm back in January.

@conorsen @thomaswheatley @MaxBlau oh hey guys, welcome back to the club. #blockedbutnotforgotten #atlpol
- Katie Leslie (@katieleslienews) July 16, 2014

Dale Russell has seen it all before as a member of Fox 5's I-Team. He knows the drill.

@thomaswheatley I'm a member of the club as well. Do we need a secret handshake? #gapol
- Dale Russell (@DaleRussellFox5) July 16, 2014

Former Fox 5 Atlanta reporter Justin Gray took a new job in Washington D.C. But the mayor isn't taking any chances with unblocking him.

@DaleRussellFox5 @thomaswheatley I just noticed me too. And I don't even live there/report on him regularly anymore.
- Justin Gray (@grayjustin) July 16, 2014

No, Jeanne, you're not going crazy. You're just a journalist.

@DaleRussellFox5 @thomaswheatley @MaxBlau That's happened to ME, too!!! I thought I was going crazy. Apparently, no.
- Jeanne Bonner (@bonnerjeanne) July 16, 2014

AJC Columnist Kyle Wingfield was temporarily banned from the mayor's Twitter feed for a column about the city's vending practices. But he's since made amends with the mayor ... for now.

@bonnerjeanne @DaleRussellFox5 @thomaswheatley @MaxBlau Every now and then I RT him, just to check.
- Kyle Wingfield AJC (@kwingfieldajc) July 16, 2014

Let's not forget about WABE 90.1 FM's Michell Eloy.

@charlesedwards1 @waberosescott @MaxBlau it's true
- Michell Eloy (@michellreloy) July 17, 2014

WABE's Rose Scott is no stranger to the mayoral block.

Once you've blocked, you never go back! @MaxBlau @thomaswheatley @DaleRussellFox5 @katieleslienews @bonnerjeanne @michellreloy
- Rose Scott (@waberosescott) July 17, 2014

Be proud, Jim Burress, be proud.

Yes! I'm in the #blockedbutnotforgotten category too, @cl_atlanta! It's a proud day. pic.twitter.com/NVqbZi5HYz
- Jim Burress (@jimburress) July 17, 2014

Project Q Atlanta's Matt Hennie, too.

Me, too. A guide to the journalists that Mayor Kasim Reed has blocked on Twitter. http://t.co/V2cxPyYpxT via @cl_atlanta
- Matt Hennie (@mahennie) July 17, 2014

You're in the club, Condace.

Who knew I was in a club?! @waberosescott @MaxBlau @thomaswheatley @DaleRussellFox5 @katieleslienews @bonnerjeanne @michellreloy

— Condace Pressley (@condo29) July 18, 2014

Then there's these guys...

And once again I've been blocked on Twitter by Mayor Kasim Reed. So has Max Blau.
- Thomas Wheatley (@thomaswheatley) July 16, 2014

Are you a journalist that's been blocked by the mayor? Did we forget you in the above list? Don't fret! Please let us know, so you're #blockedbutnotforgotten.

The post has been updated to include more journalists who aren't showing up in Reed's Twitter feed.

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