Dragon Con missed connections: MegaMan, Sandlot, childbearing offers, and sweet sweet love

‘I saw you taking photots for my friends with a stranger dressed as Inuyahsa’


Another year of Dragon Con has passed. Over the Labor Day holiday weekend, legions of sci-fi fanatics roamed around Downtown in their finest Chewbacca, Walter White, and Daft Punk costumes. Thousands of attendees crossed paths amid the endless panels and autograph signings. Robots conversed with humans, vampires tried to get laid, and love was in the air between the living and the undead.

But in some cases that Klingon got away. Following the convention, folks have turned to the Craigslist’s missed connections page in search of that special stranger. Check out who’s looking to find their long lost Princess Leia or Wario after the jump. Maybe you can help them. (Warning: The postings are somewhat NSFW. You’ve been warned.)

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Will you be my Frodo?

Dragon Con Firefly panel - w4m - 32 (Westin )

We were waiting in line for the Firefly panel, The Preacher and the Muscle Friday afternoon. You sat across from my friends and I. You were with a male friend. We looked at each other a few times, maybe you just thought I looked familiar. We spoke and smiled but then the line moved and you were out of my line of sight. You wore a yellowish LOTR t-shirt, black boots and a white panama style hat with a black band. A couple of your fingers were bandaged. I’ve never done this before but you looked so nice and fun and dang it, I’m mad at myself for not speaking to you more.

Damn, your cosplays were impressive

Tennessee Dragon-Con Girls on Marta - m4w

Never got either of your names, but your cosplays were damn impressive. My friend and I were digging them. We all got off North Springs and I was about to see what you had planned for the rest of your time in ATL, but didn’t get a chance to. Let’s get a drink?

I’m sober noww, I promise.

Lady Loki and the Drunken Cowboy - m4w

Giving it a shot so here we go.

I was enjoying my Saturday night at dragon con as the above mentioned cowboy and really couldn’t contain how attractive I found you to be. I tried to be polite but I am sure you thought me a drunken fool. To wrap this up quickly, im sober noww and would like to hang out Sunday if your interested.

And of course if you are reading this, respond with what you told me your sunday outfit would be.

Re: World’s biggest “Adventure Time” fan

<a href=” “enthusiastic clapper” at the adventure time panel Saturday - m4w (Dragon Con)”>”enthusiastic clapper” at the adventure time panel Saturday - m4w (Dragon Con)

You sat next to me in the Sheraton during the panel and we cracked a few jokes, you made fun of the video that wouldn’t play, and I never did get your name but I thought you were very cute. Would love to hopefully meet you again.


Benny “The Jet” Dragon*Con - w4m (Marriott Marquis)

You were dressed as Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez and standing by the front desk when I asked to take a picture with you. I was wearing a hot pink dress and white gloves. You were super cute! If I weren’t painfully shy I probably would have tried talking to you... But that’s why we’re at Dragon*Con, amirite?

I’m waiting for the MegaMan

Dragon Con Sat Night Megaman Cosplayer in Augusta Room - m4m

It was Saturday night at the gay cos play party at the Westin Augusta Room. You were fucking cute. I wanted to talk more but wasn’t sure if you were interested. If you are we should get together for some privet cos play action. I was the furry bear wearing the harness and cape.

“Would love to talk more about collecting”

Joel Hodgson’s assistant - m4w (Dragon Con)

I know this is a bit of a long shot. I met you at his booth and chatted you up about collecting Spider-Man, you seemed pretty cool, would love to talk more about collecting if you’re up for it.

“Maybe I can make amends”

Dragon*Con escalators. I was going up, wearing a suit and tie. - m4w - 31 (Dragon*Con)

You were going down. I thought we had a moment.

I asked why you were going down and you told me I blew it.

Maybe I can make amends.

Love at first hot dog

Dragon*Con Kimberly - m4w (Atlanta)

We met buying hotdogs and chatted about phones. You were smart and lovely and I’m hopelessly dense.

Will you bear my children?

you were a fantastic Miruko - w4m - 21 (dragon con)

I saw you taking photots for my friends with a stranger dressed as Inuyahsa. I found you later and told you how I had always liked you better. Took a photo. Afterwards you got on one knee and asked me to bear your children. I told you I had waited all my life for you to ask me that. You really made my whole dragon con expreience, I thank you for that. I feel really silly for this, im sure I was just a girl amongst the crowd, but id love to get to know you.

Did I mention that I have a room?

In Town for the Con with a Room - m4w - 22 (Downtown)

In town for the con. Looking for some fun tonight or tomorrow.
Got a room at the Westin, but I’d like some picture first.
Here are two of me. Shoot me yours and “DragonCon” in the subject line and we can talk about fooling around tonight

“Blessed be :-)

Sean Bean at DragonCon - w4m (Downtown)

You walked by my security post and I said you look like Sean Bean. You joked that he always ends up dead. I said nice guys finish last, but I really don’t believe that. You’re incredibly sexy - I can’t stop thinking about you. If you’re still here, please get in touch. Blessed be. :-)

In search of Honest Abe

Anybody see the Abraham Lincoln guy at Dragon Con this year?

Did anybody see the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter guy at DragonCon this year? The one with the bloody ax and the suspenders?