Branden Collins funks with identity in PANDROGENY

The interdisciplinary art show/performance from the Atlanta-based THE YOUNG NEVER SLEEP STUDIO opens Fri., Nov. 14 and runs through Nov. 30

If you missed Branden Collins recent performance at Elevate Atlanta 2014 a couple of weeks ago, here's your chance to redeem yourself. PANDROGENY | Experiments in Identity kicks off tonight (7 p.m., Fri., Nov. 14) and runs through Nov. 30. Presented in conjunction with Collins' interdisciplinary studio THE YOUNG NEVER SLEEP and the Goat Farm, it's happening at satellite location, Erikson Clock, in Castleberry Hill.

Collins intends to blur the lines between gender, tradition, and cultural identity using film, objects and sculptural performance. After feasting your eyes on the preview above, check out the description and his artist statement below:



Pandrogeny is the conscious embracing of gender roles, sexual orientations, or cultural traditions so as to render the person's original identity completely indecipherable. It is the “third gender” as it is sometimes referred to, a type of gender-neutral living being more akin to the OTHER, or internal self. Pandrogeny is not about defining differences but about creating similarities, not about separation but about unification and resolution.

“This is a concept that resonates with me and something that I stumbled upon in the midst of my own personal creative evolution. It's something that is very much a part of our contemporary culture but also very much attaches us to our ancestry & an awareness of a collective "identity" of sorts,” Collins says.

PANDROGENY | Experiments in Identity. Opens 7 p.m. Fri., Nov. 14. Runs through Sun., Nov. 30. Erikson Clock, 364 Nelson St.

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