Designer Sarah Lawrence gives a shit

<i>SHIT SHOW</i> takes over the big walls of the South Downtown gallery.

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Atlanta-based graphic designer Sarah Lawrence took new year’s resolutions to a whole new level. During the past 365 days, Lawrence stretched her design muscles by drawing up the word “shit” in every way possible — from GIFs to a Lisa Frank-themed piece — and sharing them on Instagram and Tumblr. One shit design a day, for a year. Can you handle it? 

“This project has been so much fun to complete over the past year — it’s a show that’s taken close to 1000 hours to produce and over 300 days of self-discipline,” says Lawrence. She doesn’t only care about shit though. She’s currently a visual designer at Roadie, a shipping app. You may have also spotted her at Root City Market pop-ups with a large map of Atlanta asking you to draw up your neighborhood or maybe you have one of her #FAFATL shit stickers in your collection or took her pasta class at the Preserving Place on the Westside. We told you — this girl keeps busy

Now Lawrence preps her art show, SHIT SHOW, for Sat., Jan. 16, to celebrate the culmination of her project, “Drawing Shit Everyday.” The show will be at the equally quirky Mammal Gallery in South Downtown, where pennants, T-shirts, and prints will be available for purchase and cursing is encouraged. “It’s taught me a ton about design and lettering,” Lawerence says. “I can’t wait to see how all of the pieces look next to each other on Saturday.” Stop by and we promise not to tell your mom that you said that S-word ... a lot.

SHIT SHOW opens at Mammal Gallery on Sat., Jan. 16 at 7 p.m. with a $5 suggested donation. The show runs through Jan. 30.