First Slice 1-20-14: Happy MLK Day, Atlanta

Plus, Christian dating websites are dens of sin


Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. If you’re off work, consider volunteering around Atlanta. It can be anything from an organized event to simply picking up trash around your neighborhood. Or brainstorming ways the city can improve Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

”... as the country turns again to issues of income inequality and poverty, and economic populism is said to be having a “moment,” maybe it’s time to remember Dr. King, the radical.”

Here’s a depressing factoid about inequality to consider while you’re helping those in need this morning and afternoon: According to Oxfam, a development charity, the world’s 85 richest people control as much wealth as the global population’s poorest half.

And in non-MLK links: Elana Meyers, the Douglasville bobsledder and one of CL’s People to Watch in 2014, is heading to the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Apparently Christian dating websites aren’t safe from scam artists. And finally, President Obama thinks pot is no more dangerous than alcohol, which is the same thing my really cool uncle who’s into ambient music has been saying for years.

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