First Slice 1-26-14: Fire, police, and other public safety fixes needed for new Braves stadium, memo says

Plus, Eddie Snowden ain’t coming home


  • Cobb County
  • The happenin’ streets of the ‘mixed-use complex’ at Atlanta Braves’ new stadium

Egads! The Atlanta Braves’ new stadium in the suburbs will require millions of dollars in new public safety investments, according to a memo written by a county official before he resigned. Cobb County Chairman Tim Lee was not exactly thrilled to chat about it.

“Welcome to our hotel. We have a pool, exercise room, ‘business center,’ and a room that’s serving as a meth lab.”

DeKalb County, where new cities are born every day and the county CEO is facing a legal battle, needs a friend.

Edward Snowden, in an interview with a German TV chain, says the National Security Agency sometimes uses data it gathers for economic purposes.

Why spend 12,000 words saying something when you can say it in 3,000?

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