First Slice 12-2-13: Amazon drone delivery is just another sign of apocalypse

Plus, shed a tear for regionalism


All you people jumping with joy over that Amazon drone proposal unveiled during last night’s “60 Minutes” infomercial report, I ask you to imagine this scenario: Your once-quiet neighborhood constantly buzzing with little flying machines getting caught in utility wires, landing on your senior citizen neighbor who’s always sunbathing in his front yard, and keeping your dog in a permanent state of anxiety. Convenience comes with consequences! Oh, and Skynet!

Left out of the new Atlanta Braves stadium agreement that Cobb County officials approved last week? A proposal to build bus-rapid transit linking Kennesaw State University, the Cumberland area, and Midtown Atlanta.

Wondering who was operating out of that storefront located near Your DeKalb Farmers Market with the Egyptian and ancient symbols? Nuwaubians, my friend!

An autopsy has been scheduled for a northwest Georgia Alzheimer’s patient who was reportedly shot and killed after he wandered into a homeowner’s yard.

Regionalism! Metro Atlanta still doesn’t get it.

What good is state funding doing for Georgia’s charter school systems? It’s hard to tell, says a state auditor.

Yet another reason not to screw with the Hells Angels.

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