First Slice 12-5-13: Brookhaven Police seize 60 pounds of marijuana, cash in traffic stop

Fast food protests, bike shop explosions, and more


What started out as a routine traffic stop for allegedly having illegally tinted windows, ended up with the Brookhaven police netting over 60 pounds of marijuana, more than $2,200 in cash, and a handgun. Is it an early Christmas miracle or a buzzer-beating Hanukkah gift for the Brookhaven Police Department?

Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a massive fire to engulf Peachtree Bikes in Buckhead. Eyewitnesses reported explosions when the blaze was first spotted, but the exact cause has yet to be determined.

Fast food workers, union activists, and local politicians protested the low wages and working conditions for fast food workers in Atlanta this morning outside of a Krystal in southeast Atlanta. Today's protest is part of a wave of similar actions that have swept the nation over the past year as fast food workers call for the right to unionize, improved benefits, and a living wage of up to $15 per hour.

In a surprising move, a new report shows that at least 29 of America's largest corporations are charting their financial futures based on the notion that a carbon tax will become an inevitable part of doing business. The tax is one of many proposals to help combat the rising threats associated with global warming. ExxonMobil, Walmart, Chevron, and BP are all included in the group. In a less surprising development, Koch Industries is not included in the group and is accelerating its campaign against the concepts of a carbon tax, global warming, and the Earth being round.

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