First Slice 5-23-12: The going rate for Ronald Reagan's dried blood

Plus patriotism and sperm spreading

1. At the moment, a vial that might contain blood that might belong to Ronald Reagan that might have been collected following a failed 1981 assassination attempt is going for $14,500 in a British auction. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation is attempting to halt the auction, calling it a "craven act." The seller, whose mother apparently worked in the hospital where Reagan was brought after the John Hinckley shooting, sees the situation differently, explaining he'd hand the vial over to the Reagan Foundation, BUT "since I had served under Pres. Reagan when he was my Commander in Chief when I was in the Army from '87-'91 and that I was a real fan of Reaganomics and felt that Pres. Reagan himself would rather see me sell it rather than donating it."

2. Speaking of people who would buy Ronald Reagan's blood, tea partiers are expected to emerge from the woodwork today to qualify to challenge Georgia's "squishy" republican incumbents.

3. When I tune in to 11Alive to watch "Jeopardy!" each evening, sometimes I'm lucky enough to catch Brenda Wood issue her nightly editorial during a segment called "Brenda's Last Word" or "A Thing Brenda is Outraged About Today." Monday's Last Word about the guy from Nashville who fathered 30 children includes shouting about sperm spreading, a call for the man to be sterilized, and is a perfect example of why this segment is so hilarious/great ...

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