First Slice 5-3-13: Reese Witherspoon arrest caught on tape

‘Do you know my name, sir?’

1. You’ve probably already heard the story about Reese Witherspoon’s Atlanta arrest. Now peep the video.

2. Georgia Carry, the state’s largest gun advocacy group, is looking for a new venue to hold their annual convention after Callaway Gardens altered their agree and said members would not be allowed to carry weapons at the event.

3. Looking for at least a semi-walkable lifestyle in Atlanta? Pick a street corner.

4. A house fire in Covington revealed a number of corporate offices for a local phone services company. While the property has it’s own parking lot, city officials say it’s designed as a single-family residence and will need to be rezoned to get in line with the law and legally house a business.

5, 6, and 7. On the world stage, the Pope takes on global capitalism, the U.N. puts a foot down about killer robots, and a lawmaker from Greece’s extreme-right Golden Dawn party allegedly takes a swing at Athens’ mayor (but misses and hits a 13-year-old girl ... ).

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