First Slice 6-19-13: Scooter thieves strike in southeast Atlanta

Plus, John’s Creek mayor under fire for his ‘questionable actions’

Will Fulton County Judge Jerry Baxter rule against Atlanta Public Schools prosecutors? It may happen thanks to numerous coerced statements that incriminated 35 educators in the 2009 cheating scandal. If he does, it would present a huge blow to the prosecutors’ case.

DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis last night maintained his innocence after being indicted on 15 counts attempted extortion, theft by taking, and other charges. CL’s take here.

A scooter gang may be responsible for stealing nicer scooters from other scooter drivers in southeast Atlanta.

Construction on the SkyView Ferris Wheel starts today and is expected to open to the public on July 2.

Former Atlanta Police officer Elton Augustion will spend two years behind bars for conspiring to accept cash from an illegal nightclub in 2007. He lied to Federal Bureau of Investigation agents about how he provided security for the club, which allowed gambling, prostitution, and drug sales to occur.

John’s Creek City Council is investigating “questionable actions” taken by Mayor Mike Bodker over the past several years.

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