Fourth of July 2012

Have a fun and safe holiday


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1. Be proud of your government: Gov. Nathan Deal has appointed his business partner and two top campaign contributors to the influential Georgia Ports Authority.

2. A quick crime round-up: Atlanta Police are seeking several suspects who they say kidnapped a man during a home invasion last night in Cabbagetown. The man, who police say was not injured, was apparently taken by the suspects to withdraw money from an ATM. Also: Sketches have been released of two men who police say were involved in the recent robbery of the North Highland Pub. If you see 'em or know 'em, call the police.

3. ICYMI: We have new owners!

4. Finally: CL suggests you read Uncle Andisheh's wonderful essay reminding us that Independence Day is more than just the "Fourth of July." Some suggestions:

Read the Declaration of Independence. It's shorter than this essay. Pick up a book about the Declaration's primary author, Thomas Jefferson. Screw that. I know you're busy. Just read his Wikipedia page on your phone in the bathroom at work. Knowing a little bit about Jefferson is a soothing experience. If you're the type of person who watches the news and laments that our country is a scary, freaky, mixed-up place, you will find something like solace in knowing confusion and contradiction is in our DNA - courtesy of American Baby Daddies like Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson was/is a confusing and contradictory man. He was a man of letters, but a lousy public speaker. He was a theologian who distrusted contemporary religion so much he assembled his own version of the Bible. He tried to limit and abolish slavery as a government official, but kept slaves. Enormously heroic and deeply flawed, he was a complicated man; he was the John Shaft of his day. No one understood him but Sally Hemings.

Hike the Atlanta Beltline. Go swimming. Consider one of the many events we've selected. Listen to Simon and Garfunkel. Or torture yourself with some Lee Greenwood! Do whatever you wish! We're spending the day making fireworks in our garages so expect light posting unless major news breaks. Have a fun and safe holiday.

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