First Slice 9/2/2015: Final teacher in APS scandal sentenced

Plus, are tiny homes on Atlanta’s horizon?

Shani Robinson, the final defendant in the Atlanta Public Schools cheating trial, was sentenced Tuesday to one year in prison with four years probation. Robinson is the last of the group to be sentenced because she was pregnant during previous hearings. But she declined to admit she had cheated.
? Georgia Tech is warning motorists of the chaos to be seen on the interstate later this week. On Thursday, Atlanta will host travelers going to and from the Tech football game, the Atlanta Falcons game, or Vice President Joe Biden’s presentation in Buckhead. Luckily for DragonCon attendees and other weekend shenaniganizers, MARTA will offer free rides for Labor Day weekend.
? Atlanta is showing an increasing interest in allowing residents stuff themselves into tiny houses. But before that can happen, city hall needs to write up some legislation to allow the building of micro-housing.
? WABE’s morning host Steve Goss will be retiring his “Velvet Voice” after over three decades on the air. The long time radio show personality says he’s finishing on a high note but plans to return occasionally as a contributor.
? Locomotion heavy Norfolk Southern unveiled Tuesday its new “Eco-locomotives,” a line of trains that the company says will have a much cleaner, greener emission. 
? Some Atlantans are wondering how and why the city keeps closing down sidewalks

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