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Dialog in the Dark is an experience that takes people through common experiences the blind encounter in their every day lives in ways that sighted individuals can take for granted.

It is truly a life-changing journey in complete darkness as people learn to see without sight, relying on the other four senses to navigate their way through parks, streets and other urban environments.

I had a chance to experience this myself and interviewed Atlanta resident and tour guide, Nicole Campbell. Campbell discussed the exhibition, common questions and what it means to be blind in Atlanta.

We also search the Georgia Music Directory to listen to "Autumn Leaves" by the After Hours Quartet.

Check it out:

Dialog in the Dark Podcast


Get info and purchase tickets online: http://www.dialogtickets.com/

International web site: http://www.dialogue-in-the-dark.com/

Living Walls

:: CABBAGETOWN: Wylie near Carroll St. (Artist: Sever)
<p>Photo by Jill Melancon ::

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