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With the success of his first film, Boyz In The Hood, John Singleton has made a significant mark on Hollywood. His early box office success as a writer and director, can be seen in the films, Higher Learning, Poetic Justice and Rosewood.

Lately, John has jumped from behind the camera and taken the role of producer, with films Black Snake Moan and critically acclaimed, Hustle and Flow. John's latest project, Illegal Tender, is a fictional tale of a Nyurican gangster's legacy and one boys journey to find his way out of a maze of secrets and vendettas.

John stops by to discuss his latest project, issues in Black Hollywood and rumors of his makings of The Black Panther and Luke Cage projects.



Illegal Tender: The official website for the film

John Singleton's Wiki: All you need to know about the man

Tego Calderon: Want to know more about the man, check out Tego's Myspace page

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