Ed Loves Bacon - Sneek Peek: The Last Airbender latest teaser trailer

Avatar fans rejoice! No, not you Navi-loving posers - the original Avatar, Aang addicts. This Sunday Paramount is airing a new 30-second teaser of M Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender during the Superbowl XLIV (that's 44 to us Americans).

In the trailer we see further into the world of four nations as Aang awakens from the iceberg and the Fire Nation assaults the Southern Water Tribe. The elemental "bending" effects look impressive as well as Aang's glowing arrow tattoos when he enters the avatar state.

Paramount released a teaser trailer last year which focused soley on Aang and his air bending ability. The visual effect is rather unimpressive because its transparent - representing Aang's manipulation of the air around him. Blowing out candles in a cave just doesn't have the wow factor to get moviegoers excited.

I was hoping to see his animal companions Momo, the flying lemur and Appa his flying bison but they were absent from the trailer. Let's hope thats to keep some of the mystique of the series in tact.

The Last Airbender makes its way to theaters July 2, 2o10. ]

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