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About a week ago, I braved the cold, wet Atlanta night to check out a preview event held at Whiskey Park. The very intimate soiree titled, "Love & Bites" was an invite-only preview of the Gerber Group's Valentine's Day/seasonal drink menu additions. The Gerber Group who owns Whiskey Park and Whiskey Blue located inside the W Hotels Midtown and Buckhead, respectively, revise their drink menu regularly to reflect seasonal themes and ingredients. With Valentines approaching, it seems the mixologist kicked whimsy in overdrive to develop a trio of unique gastronomic offerings.

For my first sampling of the night, I decided to try the Candy Heart, a chocolate liqueur, vodka-laced martini. At first glance it looks like any other chocolate concoction until you see the bartender pour this thick, red potion containing strawberry puree and whipped cream on the corner of the glass. The heavy crimson mix retreats to the bottom, but leaves a red spot that transforms into a rustic heart once a stirrer is drug through its center. How clever is that? Aesthetics aside, the Candy Heart is a rich, cocoa-infused mash up of party chic and nostalgia. Taking the first sip, the creamy libation taste less like a martini and more like melted neapolitan ice cream. For anyone who loves the tri-flavored ice cream, is at its absolute best when it starts to melt and the chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors start to merge. Once you reach the bottom of the glass, you're left with a tasty treat of the fresh strawberry mixture that surprisingly tastes like pure candy on the finish. While it may not be the most masculine of drinks, this is a sure fire for a girls night out or a sure fire conversation starter and possibly as one guy told me while at the party that night, LPR - liquid panty remover.

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